Rex Energy Corporation (REXX) Saw a 52-Week Low


The company is trading down since yesterday’s close of 1.92. The stock is trading at $1.87 a great deal lower than $2.32, the stock’s 50 day moving average and impressively lower than the 200 day moving average of $2.31. The 50 day moving average was down $-0.45 and the 200 day average moved down $-0.44.

Traders are a little more bullish on Rex Energy Corporation recently as shown by the decrease in short interest. The firm recorded a fall in short interest of -30.63% as of the latest report on September 29, 2017. Short shares decreased 251,457 over that timeframe. Days to cover decreased from 14.0 to 3.0 and the percentage of shorted shares is 0.06% as of September 29.

Rex Energy Corporation, launched on March 8, 2007, is an independent oil, natural gas liquid (NGL) and natural gas company. The Company has operations in the Appalachian Basin and Illinois Basin. In the Appalachian Basin, the Company is focused on its Marcellus Shale, Utica Shale and Upper Devonian (Burkett) Shale drilling and exploration activities. In the Illinois Basin, the Company is focused on its developmental oil drilling on its properties..

Additionally, here are a few investment firms who have increased or decreased their stake in (REXX). Muhlenkamp & Co Inc cut its stake by shedding 10,280 shares a decrease of 1.6% as of 03/31/2017. Muhlenkamp & Co Inc controls 634,589 shares valued at $298,000. The total value of its holdings decreased 2.0%. Goldman Sachs Group Inc augmented its position by buying 66,171 shares an increase of 47.9% in the quarter. Goldman Sachs Group Inc owns 204,431 shares with a value of $96,000. The value of the position overall is up by 47.7%.

Tower Research Capital LLC (trc) expanded its investment by buying 544 shares an increase of 1.5%. Tower Research Capital LLC (trc) currently owns 36,547 shares worth $17,000. The value of the position overall is down by 19.0%. Vantage Investment Advisors, LLC added to its holdings by buying 4,361 shares an increase of 614.2% from 03/31/2017 to 06/30/2017. Vantage Investment Advisors, LLC now holds 5,071 shares worth $15,000. The total value of its holdings increased inf%.

In the latest earnings report the EPS was $-7.34 and is estimated to be $-3.68 for the current year with 9,667,000 shares outstanding. Next quarter’s EPS is expected be $-1.16 and the next full year EPS is projected to be $-3.16.