(PEBO) Shares now down at $33.03 Peoples Bancorp Inc. Reports the Third…


Peoples Bancorp Inc. (NASDAQ:PEBO):

Peoples Bancorp Inc. Reports the Third Consecutive Quarter of Record Quarterly Net Income.

In the market the company is trading down from yesterday’s close of 33.82.

Peoples Bancorp Inc., launched on December 29, 1992, is a financial holding company. The Company operates principally through its subsidiary, Peoples Bank. Peoples Bank’s operating subsidiaries include Peoples Insurance Agency, LLC (Peoples Insurance) and two asset management companies, PBNA, L.L.C. and Peoples Tax Credit Equity, LLC. Peoples Investment Company has one subsidiary, Peoples Capital Corporation. Peoples Bank is an Ohio state-chartered bank. The Company offers banking, insurance, investment and trust solutions. Its products and services include various demand deposit accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts and certificates of deposit; commercial, consumer and real estate mortgage loans (both commercial and residential) and lines of credit; debit and automated teller machine (ATM) cards; credit cards for individuals and businesses; merchant credit card transaction processing services; corporate and personal trust services; safe deposit rental facilities; money orders and cashier’s checks; a full range of life, health and property and casualty insurance products; brokerage services, and custom-tailored fiduciary, employee benefit plans and asset management services..

Shares are trading at $33.03 a tad higher than $32.81, the 50 day moving average and which is a tad above the 200 day moving average of $32.20. The 50 day moving average was up $0.22 or +0.66% and the 200 day average was up $0.83.

The company’s P/E ratio is 17.85 and market cap is 595.07M. As of the last earnings report the EPS was $1.85 and is projected to be $2.03 for the current year with 18,016,000 shares presently outstanding. Analysts expect next quarter’s EPS to be $0.51 and the next full year EPS is anticipated to be $2.19.

Short traders are feeling a little more bullish on shares of the company recently if you take note of the decrease in short interest. The company had a fall in short interest of -0.92% between September 15, 2017 and September 29, 2017. Short shares decreased from 337,893 to 334,776 over that timeframe. With short interest at 334,776 and short average daily volume at 36,987, days to cover is 9.0 and the short interest percentage is 0.02% as of September 29.