Omers Administration Corp Significantly Raises Its Stake in Vwr Corporation Cmn (VWR)


Vwr Corporation Cmn (NASDAQ:VWR).

Omers Administration Corp raised its ownership in Vwr Corporation Cmn stock by 99,020 shares as of the end of the last quarter. Its position was valued at $19,953,000 an increase of 20.0% as of the end of the quarter.

These firms have modified their investment in VWR. Vivaldi Asset Management, LLC downsized its investment by shedding 128,357 shares a decrease of 12.9%. Vivaldi Asset Management, LLC claims 863,956 shares valued at $28,606,000. The value of the position overall is down by 99.9%. As of quarter end Ubs Asset Management Americas Inc had acquired a total of 1,259 shares growing its holdings by 2,289.1%. The value of the company’s investment in Vwr Corporation Cmn went from $1,816,000 to $43,507,000 a change of $41,691,000 for the reporting period.

Dimensional Fund Advisors Lp cut its position by selling 20,096 shares a decrease of 1.4% from 06/30/2017 to 09/30/2017. Dimensional Fund Advisors Lp owns 1,449,631 shares worth $47,997,000. The total value of its holdings decreased 1.1%.

The company is down since yesterday’s close of 33.18. The company’s P/E ratio is 28.96 and the market cap is 4.37B. As of the latest earnings report the EPS was $1.14 with 131.87M shares currently outstanding.

Investors are feeling more bullish on shares of the company of late if you take note of the motion in short interest. The stock saw a fall in short interest of -3.38% as of October 13, 2017 from the last reporting period. Short shares decreased from 1,123,674 to 1,085,696 over that period. With short interest at 1,085,696 and short average daily volume at 994,676, days to cover is 1.0 and the percentage of shorted shares is 0.01% as of October 13.