Jessie Vandenberg: Creating Christmas Gifts with Meaning


    If like millions of others you’re strapped for gift ideas this Christmas, the secret behind the most meaningful gifts of all lies in one thing:

    The personal touch.

    Let’s be honest – anyone can simply head out to a store and pick up the kinds of generic, mass-produced gifts that have become the usual holiday standards.  By contrast, truly unique gifts that are both personalized and carry true meaning or more of a rarity.

    Still, it’s the latter that has the biggest impact by far and takes things beyond the usual token gesture.

    Gifts with Real Meaning

     Jessie Vandenberg: Creating Christmas Gifts with Meaning

    When it comes to personalised gifts with real meaning, Jessie Vandenberg wrote the book on real Christmas spirit.  For more than 35 years now, Jessie has been painting thousands of stunning and completely unique works of art on glass Christmas ornaments.

    An established and celebrated artist across the Midwest, Jessie more recently began taking orders from across the country and shipping nationwide.  From homes to landscapes to churches to snowy scenes of all kinds, Jessie creates the kinds of unique gifts that become instant and cherished family heirlooms.

    All she needs is a photograph of your home or the scene of your choosing, in order to provide you with a truly one-of-a-kind Christmas treasure.

    Precious Memories

    Jessie is a firm believer that the true spirit and enjoyment of Christmas lies outside its usual commercial trappings.  What matters most is the creation of precious memories and thegiving of gifts that actually mean something – both to the giver and the recipient alike.

    “I like to reproduce the homes of families because each one is precious to that family,” says Jessie.

    “The idea that I have in my mind as I paint each home is that it is Christmas Eve. The family is together inside, the fireplace is sending a glow through the windows, and heavy snow is creating a ‘wonderland’ outside. They are snowbound! Unless they live in California!”

    To learn more about Jessie’s work or for more information on how to order one of her stunning personalised Christmas ornaments, head over to