Huttig Building Products, Inc. (NASDAQ:HBP) Stock Closed 5.6% Above Its 50 Day Average


It is trading at $7.32 which is just a bit higher than $6.93, the stock’s 50 day moving average and which is marginally over the 200 day moving average of $6.85. The 50 day moving average was up by +5.57% and the 200 day average went up by +6.86%. Trading was light with 299 shares changing hands on Tuesday. Shares saw a steep decrease in trading volume of 99.78% under the normal average daily volume.

Investors are a little more bearish on shares of the company as evidenced by the increase in short interest. The company experienced a rise in short interest between September 15, 2017 and September 29, 2017 of 20.78%. Short interest increased 340,799 over that period. With short interest at 1,980,943 and short average daily volume at 63,323, the short-interest ratio is 31.0 and the percentage of shorted shares is 0.08% as of September 29.

These firms have modified their investment in HBP. Teton Advisors, Inc. reduced its stake by selling 1,000 shares a decrease of 0.1% in the quarter. Teton Advisors, Inc. now controls 865,000 shares with a value of $6,064,000. The total value of its holdings decreased 14.0%. Ubs Group Ag trimmed its position by shedding 393 shares a decrease of 16.5% from 03/31/2017 to 06/30/2017. Ubs Group Ag owns 1,994 shares valued at $14,000. The value of the position overall is down by 26.3%.

Squarepoint Ops LLC downsized its ownership by shedding 700 shares a decrease of 5.0% as of 06/30/2017. Squarepoint Ops LLC currently owns 13,200 shares worth $93,000. The total value of its holdings decreased 17.7%. Bank Of Montreal /can/ cut its holdings by shedding 2,059 shares a decrease of 17.2%. Bank Of Montreal /can/ claims 9,942 shares with a value of $70,000. The value of the position overall is down by 16.7%.

Huttig Building Products, Inc. currently has a P/E ratio of 33.58 and the market value is 189.38M.

Huttig Building Products, Inc., launched on January 2, 1913, is a domestic distributor of millwork, building materials and wood products used principally in residential construction and in home improvement, remodeling and repair work. The Company purchases from manufacturers and distributes its products through approximately 26 wholesale distribution centers serving over 41 states. The Business’s distribution centers sell principally to building materials dealers, national buying groups, home centers and industrial users, including makers of manufactured homes. The Business’s products are organized into three categories: millwork, general building products and wood products..