EnteroMedics Inc. (NASDAQ:ETRM) Stock Closed Above Its 50 Day Average


The stock is trading at $2.05 marginally over the 50 day moving average which is $1.90 and quite a bit lower than the 200 day moving average of $3.74. The 50 day moving average was up by +7.64% whereas the 200 day average was down by -45.17%. (NASDAQ:ETRM) shares saw light trading volume with 1,062K shares changing hands in the last trading session. Trading volume was down 31.03% under the stocks average daily volume.

Investors are a little more bearish recently considering the motion in short interest. The firm realized a rise in short interest of 18.56% as of the latest report on September 29, 2017. Short interest grew from 1,022,679 to 1,212,447 over that period. With short interest at 1,212,447 and short average daily volume at 1,294,112, days to cover is 1.0 and the short interest percentage is 0.16% as of September 29.

As of the last earnings report the EPS was $-6.50 and is expected to be $-1.40 for the current year with 8,294,000 shares currently outstanding. Next quarter’s EPS is forecasted at $-0.16 with next year’s EPS projected to be $-0.64.

EnteroMedics Inc. (EnteroMedics), launched on July 22, 2004, is a medical device company. The Company is focused on the design and development of devices that use neuroblocking technology to treat obesity, metabolic diseases and other gastrointestinal disorders. The Business’s neuroblocking technology, which is referred to as VBLOC therapy, is designed to block the vagus nerve. The Business’s initial product is the Maestro Rechargeable System, which uses VBLOC therapy to limit the expansion of the stomach, help control hunger sensations between meals, reduce the frequency and intensity of stomach contractions and produce a feeling of early and prolonged fullness..