Central Pacific Financial Corp (NYSE:CPF) Stock Traded Higher Than Its 50 Day Moving Average


Company shares last traded at $32.68 which is marginally higher than the 50 day moving average which is $31.04 and just above the 200 day moving average of $30.83. The 50 day moving average went up by +5.29% whereas the 200 day average was up by +5.99%. Trading volume for Central Pacific Financial Corp was 70K in the last trading session. Overall, volume was down 41.32% under the stocks normal daily volume.

Traders are more bullish on shares of Central Pacific Financial Corp of late as shown by the fall in short interest. The firm recorded a fall in short interest between September 15, 2017 and September 29, 2017 of -18.30%. Short interest fell from 622,902 to 508,926 over that timeframe. With short interest at 508,926 and short average daily volume at 113,582, the short-interest ratio is 4.0 and the short interest percentage is 0.02% as of September 29.

The following firms have recently changed their position in CPF. Louisiana State Employees Retirement System downsized its holdings by selling 200 shares a decrease of 1.6%. Louisiana State Employees Retirement System owns 12,300 shares valued at $396,000. The total value of its holdings increased 0.8%. As of quarter end Fisher Asset Management, LLC had acquired a total of 8,290 shares growing its stake by 7.1%. The value of the investment in CPF went from $3,663,000 to $4,012,000 increasing 9.5% quarter over quarter.

As of the end of the quarter Meeder Asset Management Inc had bought 158 shares growing its position 7.3%. The value of the total investment in Central Pacific Financial Corp increased from $68,000 to $75,000 a change of 10.3% quarter to quarter. As of the end of the quarter Shell Asset Management CO had disposed of a total of 300 shares trimming its holdings by 2.0%. The value of the investment in (CPF) increased from $465,000 to $466,000 a change of $1,000 since the last quarter.

The company is trading down by 0.43%% since yesterday’s close of 32.82. The company recently declared a dividend that was paid on Friday the 15th of September 2017. The dividend payment was $0.180 per share for the quarter which comes to $0.72 on an annualized basis. This dividend represents a yield of $2.21. The ex-dividend date was Tuesday the 29th of August 2017.

Central Pacific Financial Corp currently has a P/E ratio of 20.82 and market capitalization is 994.75M. In the last earnings report the EPS was $1.57 and is estimated to be $1.64 for the current year with 30,439,000 shares outstanding. Next quarter’s EPS is forecasted at $0.42 and the next full year EPS is anticipated to be $1.84.

Central Pacific Financial Corp., launched on February 1, 1982, is a bank holding company. The Business’s principal business is to serve as a holding company for its bank subsidiary, Central Pacific Bank (the Bank). The Business’s segments include Banking Operations, Treasury and All Others. The Banking Operations segment includes construction and real estate development lending, commercial lending, residential mortgage lending, consumer lending, trust services, retail brokerage services and its retail branch offices, which provide a range of deposit and loan products, as well as various other banking services. The Treasury segment is responsible for managing the Business’s investment securities portfolio and wholesale funding activities. The All Others segment includes activities, such as electronic banking, data processing and management of Bank-owned properties. As of December 31, 2016, the Company, through the Bank and its subsidiaries, offered full-service commercial banking with 35 bank branches and 103 automated teller machines (ATMs) located throughout the state of Hawaii. The Company also offers wealth management products and services, such as non-deposit investment products, annuities, insurance, investment management, asset custody, and general consultation and planning services..