Ansys Inc (:ANSS) Takes Off in Trading Today – Up by 9.63%


Ansys Inc is now up by 9.63% since yesterday’s close of $136.71 and is one of the top gainers in today’s market. 1 shares have changed hands.

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Rescale and ANSYS Accelerate Startup Product Innovation and Development.

Traders are feeling more bullish on Ansys Inc recently if you pay attention to the decrease in short interest. The stock realized a fall in short interest of -6.11% between September 29, 2017 and October 13, 2017. Short interest fell from 1,477,493 to 1,387,216 over that timeframe. With short interest at 1,387,216 and short average daily volume at 358,792, the short-interest ratio is 4.0 and the percentage of shorted shares is 0.02% as of October 13.

Additionally, here are a few investment firms who have increased or decreased their stake in (ANSS). Thompson Davis & Co., Inc. grew its holdings by buying 6 shares an increase of 1.7% as of 09/30/2017. Thompson Davis & Co., Inc. now controls 354 shares valued at $43,000. The value of the position overall is up by 2.4%. State Of Tennessee, Treasury Department cut its stake by selling 819 shares a decrease of 3.5%. State Of Tennessee, Treasury Department claims 22,565 shares with a value of $2,769,000. The total value of its holdings decreased 2.7%.

State Of Wisconsin Investment Board downsized its position by selling 17,021 shares a decrease of 17.8% in the quarter. State Of Wisconsin Investment Board currently owns 78,483 shares worth $9,632,000. The value of the position overall is down by 17.1%. As of quarter end State Board Of Administration Of Florida Retirement System had acquired a total of 1,283 shares growing its position 1.0%. The value of the investment in (ANSS) increased from $16,408,000 to $16,707,000 a change of 1.8% since the last quarter.

On September 22, 2017 Citigroup began coverage of ANSS giving it an initial rating of “Neutral”. September 15 investment analysts at Barclays left the stock rating at “Underweight” but moved up the price target to $113.00 from $90.00.

Ansys Inc currently has a P/E ratio of 47.81 and market cap is 12.60B.

ANSYS, Inc. (ANSYS), launched on January 12, 1994, develops and markets engineering simulation software and services used by engineers, designers, researchers and students across a range of industries and academia, including aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial equipment, electronics, biomedical, energy, materials and chemical processing, and semiconductors. The Company focuses on the development of open and flexible solutions that enable users to analyze designs directly on the desktop, providing a common platform for product development, from design concept to final-stage testing and validation. The Company distributes its ANSYS suite of simulation technologies through a network of independent resellers and distributors (collectively, channel partners) and direct sales offices in various locations. The Business’s product portfolio consists of Simulation Platform: ANSYS Workbench, Structures, Fluids, Electronics, Semiconductors, Multiphysics, AIM, Embedded Software, Systems, Three Dimensional (3-D) Direct Modeling and Academic..