Almost Family Inc (:AFAM) Makes Big Gains in the Market Today – Up $9.60


(:AFAM) is trading up by 23.76% percent from yesterday’s close making it one of today’s top gainers. 419 shares have changed hands.

Traders are a little more bearish on Almost Family Inc as shown by the uptick in short interest. The stock recorded a rise in short interest of 52.42% as of the latest report on October 13, 2017. Short shares increased 230,309 over that timeframe. With short interest at 669,672 and short average daily volume at 105,877, the short-interest ratio is 6.0 and the short interest percentage is 0.05% as of October 13.

Almost Family Inc (:AFAM) has been the object of insider selling activity recently. John Shermyen, SVP Healthcare Innovations disclosed the sale of 2,000 shares of (AFAM). The shares were purchased at an average price of $52.00. Shermyen now owns $4,152,928 of the stock per the Form 4 SEC filing.

The following firms have recently changed their position in AFAM. As of the end of the quarter Aperio Group, LLC had sold 218 shares trimming its position 4.0%. The value in dollars decreased from $336,000 to $281,000 decreasing 16.4% for the reporting period. State Of Tennessee, Treasury Department divested its stake by selling 285 shares a decrease of 2.6% in the quarter. State Of Tennessee, Treasury Department owns 10,523 shares worth $565,000. The total value of its holdings decreased 15.2%.

As of quarter end Monarch Partners Asset Management LLC had disposed of a total of 50,395 shares trimming its holdings by 82.4%. The value of the investment in AFAM went from $3,773,000 to $580,000 a change of $3,193,000 since the last quarter. As of the end of the quarter Foundry Partners, LLC had bought 11,173 shares growing its stake by 8.0%. The value of the total investment in Almost Family Inc went from $8,607,000 to $8,097,000 a change of 5.9% quarter to quarter.

JP Morgan began coverage of the stock setting a rating of “Neutral”.

Almost Family Inc currently has a P/E ratio of 33.58 and market cap is 698.20M.

Almost Family, Inc., launched on November 19, 1985, is a provider of home healthcare services. The Company has two divisions: Home Health and Healthcare Innovations (HCI). The Home Health division consists of two segments: Visiting Nurse Services (VN or Visiting Nurse) and Personal Care Services (PC or Personal Care). The HCI segment includes its developmental activity outside of the home health business platform..